Secrets of Natural Walking

1 Day Walking Therapy

This workshop will teach you how to walk properly using the 6 keys that will be revised one by one in detail to make sure every participant knows the basic understanding of natural walking so that every step we take can:

1. Significantly reduce joint, bone and nerve pain
2. Improve posture and related conditions such as scoliosis and hunch back
3. Increase flexibility and balance and a more developed core
4. Improve blood sugar and cholesterol levels
5. Improve digestion, metabolism and weight loss
6. Improve functioning of internal organs
7. Increase energy and endurance levels and vitality
8. Have a more toned and proportional body size
9. Have a  calmer mind and elevated mood and improved sleep quality.

Participants will be invited to do experiments in this interactive workshop to be more connected to their body and to most importantly experience relaxation by actively removing stress. The end result of this training is to make a person more healthy physically, mentally and spiritually.

Join a workshop to…

Undo years of damage to your body with Secrets of Natural Walking® by deeply realigning your spine and adjusting the meridians, muscles and reflexology zones of your whole body, even when you walk in daily life!

Our physical body is specially designed and equipped with natural healing capabilities such as regeneration, self-healing, and health maintenance, but our bad habits inhibit those natural capabilities, making our body worse for wear as we age.

Reverse the clock and reawaken your body’s natural healing capabilities with Secrets of Natural Walking®.

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